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Every 4th Monday meet us at the Phoenix on Westheimer for Beer over Balance. Bring your Mat, a friend, positive vibes and your dance moves! 




Namitzi Yoga is the perfect place for  students to practice yoga online or take advantage of our live yoga classes. From beginners yoga to more advanced classes we have you covered.

I walked away from a career in Nuclear Pharmacy over 9 years ago to become a Certified Yoga Teacher. In 2009 Namitzi Yoga was formed. I have taught over 10,000 classes yet I have not worked in 9 years. I am grateful for a life that allows me to live in my passion and purpose daily.  When you do what you love as unto God, you will never work another day in  your life and will be rewarded greatly. Do What you Love & Love what you Do!

- Mitzi 


Hustle & Flow

 Join us for Live and Interactive Weekly  Classes  from Yoga and Meditation to Ayurveda and Mindfulness Activities for you and your minis! Don't worry about a baby sitter, classes are scheduled and  designed with your mommy schedule and your mini in mind. $24.99/monthly

"Yoga  meets you exactly where you are, You begin with self acceptance and grow from that place" 


200 HR - Yoga Teacher Training  Open House 

4pm * Only 10 spots available *


You are exactly where you are suppose to be and I am grateful that you stopped by. Take a moment to browse and get to know Mitzi  and the Namitzi Community. Choosing a yoga teacher and family is similar to choosing your hair stylist or barber, you have to make sure that they are a fit.  We invite you in with the expectation that you will never leave. If you are not visiting for the first time, you  will notice some changes in the next few weeks. We are doing everything that we can to keep up with our growth and provide you with the tools and resources that you need on demand to continue or begin your yoga journey. I am grateful for your commitment to yourself and the Namitzi Yoga Community and it is with sincere gratitude that I serve you. 

P.s. The Namitzi Yoga Live Studio is opening soon! If you want access click below! See you soon! 

Welcome hOMe !

​- Namitzi

Yoga Classes


Namaste is just one Click Away!Get access to LIVE online yoga and meditation you can do anywhere for just $19.99/MONTH ! 

May you be peaceful, May you have great health,  May you be prosperous, May you be granted the wisdom, the courage and the energy to do whatsoever you desire in life. May no harm come to you , May no problems come to you, May you meet with extreme success. May blessings , peace , healing and abundance flow freely through your life.