Inspirational Stories


One person's liberation can lead to the liberation of an entire community. - Namitzi  Yoga

Prayer, Passion, Perseverance, Purpose

I am fueled by my belief and experience that Yoga & Meditation  is the ultimate vehicle by which any individual can achieve a well-balanced, purpose guided life despite the barriers of age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity or disability. After spending time teaching in traditional settings, I scanned my classes and noticed there were a number of people outside of the studio who's lives could be impacted and changed tremendously with the practice. It has since been my mission to bridge the gap between the practice and  under served communities by providing uncompromising instruction in non-traditional settings. I have created programs and   partnerships with local and global entities including, but not limited to private and public schools, corporate bodies, professional athletic programs, state organizations and government initiatives. I have been successful in creating the same experience that one receives with in the traditional walls of a studio to any space.  Mental clarity, peace, growth and health are basic human rights, it only takes one person to create an opportunity and the entire community will benefit.   I create a safe, compassionate, energetic, free flowing environment where children and adults can feel empowered and free while receiving the mind and body benefits that a yoga practice gives  them. If you can breathe, then you should practice. I invite you to join me on your mat, for tea, juice and possibly a glass of champagne! The divine in me bows in humility and gratitude to the divine in you. 


​(Nah- mitz- ee)

Ministry of Yoga, My Divine path

​​​​Namitzi Yoga in 2009, is  one of the first mobile and virtual Mind & Body Yoga Studios in Houston, Texas.  Her mission: “If they cannot come to yoga, I will bring it to them”. She came from very humble beginnings. She spent several years teaching 36 classes, 7 days a week, some monetized others free. People questioned her career move as she left Nuclear Pharmacy behind to pursue her passion.  As she persisted she soon realized that her passion was her divine purpose. Since 2009 she has broken so many barriers in the industry, changing the face of yoga and the diversity of practitioners. Mitzi  has offered and Yoga Teacher Trainings to   Dallas, College Station, Austin, and Los Angeles, Virginia, Nigeria. Mitzi has taught more than 10,000 yoga classes, 200 weekend meditation, and asana and lifestyle workshops to more than 100,000 students.  Namitzi Yoga pioneered the first 14 –Day Yoga Immersion for expatriates in Lagos, Nigeria.  Mitzi worked with a psychiatrist for several years to develop Lotus Flow a Yoga and Meditation Program for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities that is widely used in various MHMRA Facilities. She has facilitated teacher training courses certifying more than 40 200hr yoga teachers, mentored and over 20 Yoga teachers to transition to yoga as a full time career. One of her greatest accomplishments of late is having the opportunity to integrate yoga as a daily practice at Hilliard Elementary School. She was able to transform the students, teachers and expanded to the community by offering free weekly public yoga classes. The Sonima Foundation recognized her success in their blog on community presence. “It all goes back to the initial intention to bring yoga to the masses she says, the community is where my work is. I am bridging the gap”.  She is driven by the inspirational stories of her students and encourages them to share them with everyone that they meet.  She endeavors to inspire and lift spirits far and wide. The vibrations of the Namitzi Yoga inspiration can be seen and felt across the globe. If you own a pair of Lululemon pants you will be excited to know that her amazing spirit graced the walls of the Lululemon First Colony Store as one of their Brand Ambassadors.  Namitzi Yoga has grown by leaps and bound and this year Namitzi Yoga Spaces  was created to cater to the needs of the  growing luxury high-rise and  hotel industry.