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Yoga Philosophy and History

The 8 Limbs of Yoga


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how to teach Various styles of Yoga

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how to support Your students

Modifications for Special Populations

the business of yoga

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 YOU! this  Yoga Teacher Training  Course is for all levels of students and new or experienced teachers of all traditions.  No teaching experience is required. 

What will  I learn ?

It’s TIME! It’s been on your vision board, you have shared it with your friends but you have been afraid to just GO for it! Trust me I was you but it’s been a decade since I went for it and I have never looked back! There’s something supernatural about what happens on that mat and I bet you can think of 10 people close to you who need to experience it but they won’t ever visit a studio. You know that you need to share it with them, the transformation , the growth, the healing but where do you start? This is the paradigm shift you desire, this is your opportunity to achievement your goal while changing the lives of others around you . This is your opportunity to be a conduit of transformation, love, healing, hope, health , prosperity , manifestation! This is what you need! Join myself, my teacher and my coach and mentor for 14 1/2 weeks of transformation and exploration of the Self! Stop holding yourself back and let’s GROW!!! Teacher training creates the space to deepen your practice and knowledge of the practice. It does t mean that you will teach classes but at the very least you will be able to safely guide yourself. In over a decade of teaching, many who just want to deepen their practice soon find their teacher voice and run with. 

How long is the course? 

Upon completion, you will have immersed yourself in all things yoga more than 243 hours. The Yoga Alliance Minimum Standard is 200 hours. The course is 14.5  consecutive weekends.

You will first journey through Self- Discovery and Self - Care clearing any mental, physical, spiritual and emotional blockages. You will then embark on a journey to co create your desired life based on your core desired feelings that you uncover during self discovery. 

You have been asking and waiting!

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